Who Gave Approval for Rail Yard?

After the initial shock of finding out by accident about this industrial rail yard planned right next to our home, our neighbour’s home, and two natural areas, we contacted Cando Contracting Ltd.; CN; Imperial Oil; the federal department of Transport, Infrastructure and Communities; the Canadian Transportation Agency; Environment Canada; the County of Strathcona (our municipal government); Alberta Environment; Alberta Culture and Community Spirit; our County Councillor, Alan Dunn; our Member of Parliament, Leon Benoit; and three federal Cabinet Ministers. Everyone we spoke with said they did not have the responsibility or jurisdictional authority to approve this project. Each of the different orders of government indicated to us that it was one of the other government’s responsibilities. CN said it was not their project, even though the rail yard is being built on their land. Cando told us that Imperial Oil wanted the yard built large enough to store 225 tanker cars, and that they have all the approvals they need to build it; however to reiterate, all of the departments and agencies we have contacted have told us they have no authority to approve this project. Imperial Oil has still not responded to our enquiries. The story of this project almost reads like a comedy of errors, but it is certainly no laughing matter for those of us who live next to it.

~ by railroaded on July 27, 2010.

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