Health Issues

Idling and slow-moving locomotives at rail yards are a particular health hazard. A key finding of a study by Cahill et al. (2007) revealed that locomotive diesel exhaust is about 5.5 times richer in the most carcinogenic components of diesel exhaust than is the exhaust from diesel trucks. The added noise of a rail yard is not only annoying, but is also considered a health risk. The City of Hamilton (2005) noted that noise can negatively affect public health and a community’s quality of life. Evidence suggests that noise has stress-related health impacts on humans including sleep disturbance and cardiovascular disease. These are just a few of the reasons industrial rail yards belong in industrial areas, and not near farms, acreages, schools and golf courses which is the case with the Cando Contracting Ltd. Rail Yard.

~ by railroaded on July 28, 2010.

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