Not Following the Rules

The more research we conducted, the more we discovered that the proponents of the joint Cando Contracting Ltd./CN/Imperial Oil rail yard are violating legislation, railway operating rules and guidelines, and policies. There are even several examples of the proponents violating CN’s own policies. For example, CN’s Environmental Policy “To assess environmental impacts before starting a new activity or project and before decommissioning a facility” has been breached, since we have been told that formal environmental impact assessments have not been conducted. As well, CN has a policy of a minimum of 300m residential setback from rail yards which is intended to address acoustic issues and ensure an acceptable living environment. Well, our neighbour’s house is only 68m from the rail yard property which is 232m closer than recommended by CN; and our house is 163m from the rail yard property which is 137m closer than recommended by CN.  It is important to note that the Railway Association of Canada and the Federation of Canadian Municipalities recommend a similar minimum 300m distance between rail yards and homes.

~ by railroaded on July 28, 2010.

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