Rail Yard Construction Standards

We are very concerned about possible spills and leakage of petroleum products from the tanker cars. Although the proponents have said that all of the tanker cars will be stored empty, we are very skeptical, based on other misinformation and misleading information given to us by CN and Cando Contracting Ltd. Further research has indicated that petroleum tanker cars are seldom stored empty….they may not be full, but there is almost always a significant volume of product left in stored tanker cars. This is a particularly significant risk and threat because we were told that there are no spill containment facilities or measures incorporated into the facility design. We have visions of oil or other petroleum products spilled on the site being carried by rain into our dugout and into the two adjacent wildlife conservation areas. If there is a major spill, these toxic products would drain into Bretona Pond, Mill Creek and possibly all the way downstream into the North Saskatchewan River. Cando and its design engineers have certainly not exercised due diligence.

~ by railroaded on July 28, 2010.

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