Rail Yard Noise

A data base produced by a joint railway/municipality group lists noises at rail yards as one of the top five railway proximity issues. The group also indicates that, in rail yards, the noise is more frequent and of longer duration than normal railway noise, and comes from shunting and coupling of cars, idling and slow-moving locomotives, load cell testing of locomotives, wheel and brake retarder squeal, compressed air releases, and many other rail yard activities. The Railway Association of Canada, the Federation of Canadian Municipalities, and CN’s own proximity policy recommend a minimum distance of 300m between a rail yard and a residence because of the noise factor. Our neighbour’s home is only 68m and our home is only 163m from the rail yard property currently under construction. And CN, Cando Contracting Ltd., and Imperial Oil Ltd. wonder why we are upset!!

~ by railroaded on July 28, 2010.

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