Research and More Research

As construction of the joint Cando/CN/Imperial Oil rail yard continued, we decided it was time to conduct our own research, and not to rely on others to tell us what the facts were and what the law said or did not say. On the basis of this research, we produced a few fact sheets which are posted on this website under the “Fact Sheets” link. Additional fact sheets are in the works, so stay tuned. There is an amazing amount of information out there, and many other people in Canada and the U.S. have had their battles with railway companies, in some cases for many many years. We have corresponded and spoken with some of these people, and have learned that many railway companies have not exactly been bending over backwards to understand and address people’s concerns about railways and rail yards. In other cases, some positive changes have occurred through information sharing, meetings, railway companies working together with municipalities, and legislative changes. Hope is eternal.

~ by railroaded on July 28, 2010.

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