Imperial Oil’s Role in Rail Yard

Railroaded Imperial Oil logo photo 2We have been told that all of the petroleum tanker cars to be stored at the Cando Contracting Ltd./CN/Imperial Oil rail yard are owned by Imperial Oil, one of Syncrude’s largest investors. Today we checked out Imperial Oil’s website and found out much to our surprise that “environmental and socio-economic impact studies are conducted to examine how a potential project may affect the surrounding environment.” As well, the Imperial Oil website indicates that “We seek dialogue with those groups and individuals that our operations directly impact or that can have a direct impact on our operations or reputation.” It appears that Imperial Oil forgot to read its own policies before deciding to participate in the rail yard project, considering that no environmental or socio-economic impact studies were conducted, nor was there any dialogue with the most directly affected adjacent landowners. In fact, adjacent landowners weren’t even notified of the project.

~ by railroaded on August 5, 2010.

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