CN Train Derails – Fort Saskatchewan

Railroaded CN logo oldYesterday afternoon we drove up to Fort Saskatchewan to view first-hand the derailment of 43 CN train cars at the Scotford CN rail yard that occurred early the morning of August 18, 2010. Many of the cars overturned were chemical or petroleum tanker cars. This is just one more example of the many derailments and other accidents that happen at rail yards across the country. Strathcona County residents south of Fort Saskatchewan are now even more worried about the rail yard presently being built by Cando Contracting Ltd. on CN right-of-way to store 225 petroleum tanker cars owned by Imperial Oil. The more people we speak with, the more examples are relayed to us about the increasing number of railway accidents due to switching problems, deteriorating tracks, human errors, and other significant changes that have taken place since CN was privatized in 1995. Railway personnel safety, state of the railway infrastructure, and railway operating rules appear to have been compromised steadily since privatization. The specific location of the rail yard presently under construction in Strathcona County is the worst possible location for a rail yard from safety, environmental and residential proximity perspectives. One of the switches between the CN mainline and the siding into the rail yard will be built near a major bend in the mainline, thereby creating a clear sight line safety hazard. This will be an accident waiting to happen!

For more on CN derailments see this link, and for photos of the August 18 CN derailment at Fort Saskatchewan see this link.

~ by railroaded on August 19, 2010.

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