Construction Noise and Damage

Construction of the rail yard by Cando Contracting Ltd., Kichton Contracting Ltd. and other sub-contractors continues at a frantic pace on a daily basis, including Saturdays and Sundays starting as early as 06:45 a.m. and ending as late as 08:15 p.m. Due to a fair bit of rain in September, our little country road turned into a mud bath because of all the clay and silt dragged onto the road by all the construction traffic. As soon as the road dries up, it gets very dusty.  On some days, up to 250 huge truck loads of fill and aggregate stream by our driveway to the construction site right next to our acreage. In fact, our road bed has now been totally compromised and the smooth black top we had is only a memory. We thought the equipment noise was bad during early stages of construction….well the latest equipment being used to level aggregate and tracks is even louder, and goes on all day long. Both the federal government and Strathcona County refuse to enforce noise legislation and bylaws. And now that school has started again and school buses travel our narrow road daily, the steady rail yard construction traffic is posing a safety hazard to the school buses.

~ by railroaded on September 30, 2010.

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