Cando Ruins Another Holiday

As if having to put up with rail yard construction noise and traffic during the week and on weekends for the past 3 months wasn’t bad enough (including on Canada Day July 1), Cando Contracting Ltd. and its contractor (Kichton Contracting Ltd.) have ruined another holiday, this time the entire Thanksgiving Long Weekend. Construction activities and noise continued during the Saturday, Sunday and holiday Monday Long Weekend. Cando and its contractors have been most inconsiderate in this regard right from the outset. Due to the relatively hot and dry weather during the past week, Range Road 233 and Township Road 515 were so dusty it was impossible to see where you were going whenever one of their massive trucks or anyone else drove by. We fear for the safety of the school buses that travel these 2 roads. Both of these roads were smooth black-topped until Cando and its contractors destroyed them.

~ by railroaded on October 11, 2010.

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