CN Already Using Rail Yard

Even though the rail yard by our home is still under construction, CN is already using parts of the rail yard and new siding for storage of dozens of pieces of maintenance equipment (see most recent “Rail Yard Construction Photos”). This is most ironic because whenever adjacent residents or the media contact CN, they say, “Oh, CN has nothing to do with this rail yard even though it’s on CN right-of-way. It’s a Cando Contracting Ltd. project…go talk to them.”  For several days during the past week, CN and Cando have been working right through the night, which makes it impossible to sleep. CN and Cando employee and contractors’ favourite pastime seems to be throwing lunch litter (paper, bottles, cans) and other garbage in the ditches by our acreage and private land conservation area, and urinating on the road.

For several days during the past week, the trucks and other equipment parked on both sides of our narrow country road right by the railway crossing have been so numerous that it has been difficult for anyone, including our school buses, to get through safely. They park half in the ditch and half on the road, which creates a safety hazard.

~ by railroaded on October 21, 2010.

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