Environmental Problems for Imperial Oil

Railroaded Imperial Oil logo photo 2Imperial Oil’s environmental record is taking a beating lately. They are storing over 200 petroleum tank cars in their recently-constructed rail yard adjacent to homes and protected natural areas close to Edmonton. As well,  residents in Calmar, a small community southwest of Edmonton, are crying foul over leaking gas from abandoned Imperial wells right in their yards. In this article residents express concerns about their health, property values and noise from construction to cap the leaks.

And, Imperial Oil continues to press Idaho and Montana to provide permits for trucking Imperial’s gigantic tar sands refining modules along narrow and winding highways through scenic river valleys and national forests that are major tourist attractions.  In this article residents, tourism operators and environmentalists cite their concerns and push to legally block these megaloads from destroying their river valleys, forests, businesses and quality of life.

~ by railroaded on December 6, 2010.

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