Opposition to Imperial Oil Grows

Railroaded Imperial Oil logo photo 2Opposition is growing to plans by ExxonMobil’s Canadian subsidiary, Imperial Oil, to truck 207 megaloads of tar sands processing modules along Idaho’s Scenic Byway. This article provides details on the Clearwater River being protected under the 1968 Wild and Scenic Rivers Act. The Clearwater River flows right along U.S. Highway 12 where Imperial Oil wants to truck its processing modules headed for Alberta’s tar sands region near Fort McMurray.

Imperial Oil is facing growing public criticism over many other infringements of environmental, private property and traditional aboriginal use laws including: about 2,000 ducks killed in its Syncrude tailings ponds; storing its petroleum tank cars in a new rail yard just built by CN, Imperial Oil and Cando Contracting Ltd. right next to two wildlife conservation areas near Edmonton; leaking gas wells right next to people’s homes in Calmar southwest of Edmonton; partnering in one of the United States’ most polluted sites; and displacing aboriginal people from the Norman Wells area in the N.W.T.

Perhaps the manner in which Imperial Oil has been mismanaging its environmental and community relations issues lately is one of the reasons that Imperial Oil stock (New York Stock Exchange) has recently been downgraded to an “Underperform” rating by Zacks Investment Research.

~ by railroaded on December 29, 2010.

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