Red Tape Reduction Commission

The Prime Minister has just announced establishment of the Red Tape Reduction Commission to “…reduce the burden of federal regulatory requirements of Canadian enterprises, especially small- and medium-sized businesses.” While this initiative is to be applauded, one has to wonder about the process used to appoint members to this commission.

Gord Peters, President and CEO of Cando Contracting Ltd., is a very strange appointment to the Red Tape Reduction Commission. Cando Contracting Ltd. has just completed building, in partnership with Canadian National Railway and Imperial Oil, a rail yard near Edmonton to store over 200 petroleum tank cars right next to homes and 2 protected wildlife conservation areas. Cando Contracting Ltd. did not bother to contact neighbouring homeowners about the project, provided no opportunities to object,  and did not conduct an environmental impact assessment or a socio-economic impact assessment prior to construction.

Residents near this rail yard are stuck with the noise, smell, health impacts, visual impact, devalued properties and ruined quality of life. Many laws, policies and guidelines have been breached during construction and operation of this rail yard.

So Gord Peters and Cando Contracting Ltd. know all about “red tape reduction”.  Somebody forgot to check the background of individuals nominated for the Red Tape Reduction Commission. Had such a background check been conducted, it is possible someone like Gord Peters might not have been appointed.

~ by railroaded on January 14, 2011.

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