Cando Rail Yard Construction Continues

Today we spoke with a couple of surveyors who were surveying for lights to be built at the rail yard recently constructed by Cando Contracting Ltd, CN and Imperial Oil just east of Edmonton. As if the new siding, 10 storage tracks and up to 225 petroleum tank cars weren’t enough, now we have to put up with bright lights at night as well. This new rail yard is not only an eyesore during the daylight hours, but will be as well at night.

When we asked why they needed lights, the surveyors said so the tank cars can be moved at night. This means we’ll be woken up in the middle of the night by locomotive engine noise, coupling, decoupling, brake squeals, etc. Since they started storing and moving tank cars in early November 2010, we have been woken up many times at night by rail yard activities right next to our acreage and house.

We continue to press the federal government and the Canadian Transportation Agency to enforce legislation for which they are responsible.  The rail yard construction and operation have breached many federal laws, CN policies, Imperial Oil policies, railway operating rules and Railway Association of Canada guidelines. The Prime Minister has still not responded to our November 8, 2010 letter. Our MP, Leon Benoit, will be rudely reminded of this lack of support during the next federal election.

~ by railroaded on February 4, 2011.

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