CN Tries to Ignore Wildfire Damages

Railroaded CN logo oldRailroaded issued a news release and blog on May 18, 2011 regarding a wildfire started by Canadian National Railway (CN) that burned part of the Bretona ConservAction Area in Strathcona County near Edmonton.

Upon completion of the firefighting early in the evening of May 17, the owner of the private wildlife conservation area asked the 4 CN employees on site that CN contact, as soon as possible, the owner to discuss compensation for the fire damages to trees and shrubs which provide habitat for many wildlife species. It has now been almost 3 months since this request was made, and CN has not yet contacted the land owner.

This is not surprising since it took the owners of the Bretona ConservAction Area 2.5 years to receive compensation for damages to the same conservation area caused by a CN fire in April 1991. It is amazing that a corporation the size of CN treats land owners with such disdain, but there are so many similar examples of CN’s poor community relations across North America.

~ by railroaded on August 11, 2011.

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