Strathcona Continues to Examine Train Whistle Bylaw

The Sherwood Park News reports that Strathcona County continues to examine the possibility of passing a bylaw to minimize train warning whistles at rail crossings in the County. Residents have been complaining about excessive train whistles (number, volume and duration of whistles) at numerous crossings, particularly the one in southwest Ardrossan. County staff have examined, among others, a Leduc bylaw and Parkland County resolution to prohibit train whistles at controlled crossings.

Railroaded CN logo oldThere is so much inconsistency in the number, duration and volume of train whistles throughout the County of Strathcona, both among different railway crossings and at given crossings. For example, at the CN Camrose Mainline/Township Road 515 crossing, one train will give one short moderate-volume whistle, while another train half an hour later will give 5 long loud whistles over a 25-second period. Nearby residents obviously prefer fewer, shorter, and lower-volume whistles.

~ by railroaded on August 30, 2011.

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