Another Train Disaster Just Waiting to Happen

In a Toronto Star letter, Emile Therien, Past President of the Canada Safety Council, writes, “The derailment of a Via Rail train in Burlington on Feb. 26 is but another incident in the long list of derailments, crossing accidents, and collisions that have plagued Canada’s major railroads dating back to 1999 when Transport Canada largely gave up its regulatory oversight role.”

Therien goes on to write, ” Considering the despicable and sad state of railway safety in this country, characterized by flawed public policy and federal government apathy, and an industry motivated solely by profit, contemptuous for the safety of their workers and the public, it is only a matter of time before this country experiences a rail disaster not unlike that awful tragedy in Mississauga on Nov. 10, 1979 when a 106-car Canadian Pacific freight train derailed.”

He concludes by writing, “Lives will continue to be jeopardized unless the government ensures there are enough Transport Canada inspectors to do the vital job” of “effective regulatory oversight in the railway business.”

For more on derailments see this link.

~ by railroaded on March 3, 2012.

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