Number of CN Derailments Grows

Although CN has recently tried to convince the public that its derailment record is improving by reporting only on the number of derailments on main lines, there are many more derailments than CN includes in its public statistics. Downplaying its derailment and overall safety record to the public, businesses and industries may be a good marketing ploy, especially at a time when CN is vying to move more petroleum products and hard-rock minerals like iron ore, but it is not honest. To help make the public and business community aware of CN’s real safety record, Railroaded will continue to pass along pertinent information to our readers. For example, following is a list of just some of the more recent CN derailments this year (there are more):

1.  June 26: 8 loaded coke cars went off the tracks near Poser west of McBride, British Columbia (250 News).

2.  May 26: 8 freight cars derailed and flipped at Hixon, British Columbia (250 News).

3.  May 15: Train derailed when it made an emergency stop outside Oakville, Manitoba. The rear wheels of one of the cars carrying a load of wheat went off the rails. Sparks from the derailment started a grass fire, causing nearby piles of old rail ties to also catch fire (CTV Winnipeg News).

4.  May 10: About 10 cars and a locomotive came off the tracks between Blue River and Valemont, British Columbia. At least 2 containers flipped into the North Thompson River. A contamination containment boom was set up on the river in an attempt to contain what was described as a chemical slick on the surface of the water (Castanet News).

5.  May 9: About 2 dozen loaded coal cars derailed on the CN main line just outside Collins, Mississippi. A significant amount of coal was spilled. Rails and a bridge were damaged. The Collins Fire Department Chief said, “There have been multiple derailments over the years, but nothing of this magnitude or this size.” The train consisted of a total of 105 cars, all filled with coal (WDAM).

6.  April 26: 15 cars derailed due to a washout between Blue River and Valemont. Two containers flipped into the North Thompson River. Crews were still cleaning up debris from the derailment over 2 weeks later (CFJC TV, OKthePK).

As is normally the case, very few details on these derailments or their causes have been provided to the public by CN representatives. See this link for many more examples of CN derailments.

~ by railroaded on July 10, 2012.

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