Rail Transport of Oil a Worry

Jim Wood writes this letter to the Edmonton Journal, pointing out that it is not safe to ship oil by rail. He writes that if more pipelines are not built, more oil will be shipped by rail and that could be disastrous. Wood refers to the 2005 derailment of a Canadian National Railway train that spilled 1.3 million litres of heavy bunker fuel oil and 700,000 litres of Imperial Pole Treating Oil into Wabamun Lake, west of Edmonton. Many fish and birds were killed and the lake shoreline still hasn’t fully recovered. The spill made the international news. See this Wikipedia link for more details on the Wabamun CN spill.

Wood also rightly points out in his letter that many of our rail lines are near major rivers and lakes, which could be an environmental disaster just waiting to happen if more oil is shipped by rail. And, he refers to the fact that the railways need no permits or authorization to ship oil due to extremely antiquated federal legislation.

See this link for more information on the many problems associated with shipping oil by rail, and this link for more on the myriad of train derailments in Canada and the United States.

~ by railroaded on October 27, 2012.

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