CN to Transload Sour Crude Too Close to School

Railroaded H2S danger imageCanadian National Railway and Watco Terminal & Port Services are prepared to begin transloading sour crude at a terminal just west of Bienfait, Saskatchewan (Estevan Mercury). This normally might not be a major concern were it not for the fact that Bienfait’s Weldon Elementary School is only 1 kilometre away.

An experienced oilfield worker said sour crude should not be a product that goes through that area, and “That school is too damn close in my opinion”. He suggested a safe distance for the facility would be a minimum of 3 kilometres from the school. The oilfield worker also expressed concern about the H2S safety training of workers at the site, and suggested that the training currently provided to workers there is below Canadian standards. Of particular concern is the fact the CN transloading  process involves top loading which does not permit a full-sealed unit while loading.

CN public relations staff insisted everything at the site was safe.

~ by railroaded on December 10, 2012.

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