Incredible Money-Making Scheme by CN

Railroaded monopoly photo“Canadian National Railway made $2.6 million in 2010 moving biodiesel repeatedly back and forth over the U.S. border without unloading the tankers, records show.” (UPI)

One CN worker told CBC News, “In 25 years, I’d never done anything like it…The clerk told me it was some kind of money grab. We just did what we were told.”

RETA question mark imageCN’s manager of transportation for Port Huron/Sarnia, Teresa Edwards, wrote in an email that the train was to move at least once daily to Port Huron, clear customs and return to Sarnia. She wrote, “If we can get more flips back and forth we will attempt to do so… Each move per car across the border is revenue generated for Sarnia/Port Huron…It will be the same cars flipping back and forth and the product will stay on the car.” The maneuver “has the potential to make a lot of money for CN so need everyone’s assistance to maximize the number of trips that we make and ensure that it all moves smooth.”

Nearly 2,000 tanker loads were counted moving back and forth across the border in this scheme between June 15 and June 28, 2010. Surprisingly, CN Rail public relations staff said they were just doing what the shippers asked them to do. Both the shippers and Customs officials declined to comment.

Some might wonder whether it’s possible that CN is involved with other questionable money-making schemes.

~ by railroaded on December 11, 2012.

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