Kearl Project Doesn’t Help Alberta

Railroaded Tar Sands Cashing In imageMike Priaro of Calgary, Alberta suggests in his letter to the Edmonton Journal that Imperial Oil’s and parent company ExxonMobil’s Kearl tar sands project in Fort McMurray will not provide many benefits to Alberta. Priaro writes that the unrefined bitumen will be shipped to U.S. refineries for upgrading, employing thousands of Americans, and Alberta will be left with the huge toxic tailings ponds. He says companies like Imperial Oil and ExxonMobil are the beneficiaries of Alberta’s ridiculously low tar sands royalty rates. Priaro concludes, “Albertans are giving it away in terms of royalties, Canadian ownership, upgrading, refining and petrochemical jobs, taxes and profits. This project (Kearl) and others like it are an economic disaster for this province and for Canada.”

See this Railroaded link for more on Imperial Oil’s environmental and community relations record.

~ by railroaded on December 14, 2012.

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