Pipelines Safer Than Railways – New Study

A new study by the Fraser Institute says shipping oil by pipeline presents significantly lower safety risks than transporting oil by rail or road (Plant).

The news article reads:

Railroaded CN derailment Wabamun 2 photo“The study by the policy think tank determined that the rate of injury requiring hospitalization was 30 times lower among oil pipeline workers compared to rail workers involved in the transport of oil…Intermodal Safety in the Transport of Oil also found the risk of spill incidents is lower for pipelines per billion ton-miles of oil movement compared to rail and road.” The chance of a spill on railways is over 3 times that for pipelines. “The superior safety and environmental performance of pipelines is ‘hardly surprising’, the study said.”

Earlier studies have similar results. For example, the Manhatten Institute found the rate of spill incidents is 34 times higher for trains than for pipelines. Even the Association of American Railroads acknowledges the likelihood of a rail accident is far greater than the chance of a pipeline accident.

See this link for more information on the risks of transporting oil by rail.

On a related rail safety issue, Teamsters Canada issued a news release yesterday in relation to its battle with Canadian National Railway over longer hours of work with less rest time in between trips, stating:

“In July, CN CEO Claude Mongeau said that railways had to make safety their ‘number one priority’. However, the employer’s demands seem to contradict this statement, and now Teamsters are having to gear up for a fight to ensure the safety of Canadians and rail workers.” (Canada NewsWire)

~ by railroaded on October 15, 2013.

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