Poll: Pipelines Safer than Rail for Shipping Crude Oil

Railroaded derailment Lac Megantic pic 1An Ipsos Reid poll conducted in late January of this year for CTV News found 69% of Canadians believe pipelines are the best way to ship oil, while only 18% prefer rail. 54% of those polled have no faith in the safety of shipping flammable materials by rail (CTV News).

An overwhelming majority of 90% agree the federal government, which has overall legislative responsibility for rail transport, should conduct a formal review of Canada’s policies around transporting crude oil by rail. 30% of those polled say the rail safety problem has to do with a lack of oversight, regulation and inspection by the government; while 24% blame the rail companies; 19% say the companies that own the tanker cars are to blame; and 14% blame the railway engineers, crew and human error.

See this link and many posts under “Latest News” on this website for more information on the risks of shipping oil by rail.

~ by railroaded on March 3, 2014.

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