About Us

The http://www.Railroaded.ca website was established in July 2010 for the following purposes:

  • To make readers aware of a rail yard that was built without any landowner notification, environmental impact assessment, socio-economic impact assessment, or opportunities for objection. The rail yard was built by Cando Contracting Ltd. on CN Railway right-of-way to store 225 Imperial Oil petroleum tank cars. Local residents are strongly opposed to construction and operation of this rail yard for environmental, proximity, property devaluation, health, safety, noise, legal and quality of life reasons.
  • To provide opportunities for individuals or groups to join in our opposition to construction and operation of this rail yard.
  • To provide information on the conduct of CN Railway, Cando Contracting Ltd. and Imperial Oil Ltd. in an attempt to seek improvements so that other communities will not suffer what we have.
  • To provide assistance to others who may be concerned about rail yards or rail lines in or near their communities.

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