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Benicians for a Safe and Healthy Community

This organization is opposed to Valero Benicia Refinery’s proposed project to transport crude oil from North American sources to Benicia, California by rail tanker cars. The organization is concerned about the negative impacts of transporting cheap, dirty and dangerously explosive oil from North Dakota and Canada by rail:

Bolivar Heights

This blog provides opportunities for residents of Bolivar Heights, Surrey, British Columbia, to share their concerns about excessive CN noise in their community:

Bomb Trains

Facebook site about the dangerous practice of shipping crude oil by rail to refineries and ports throughout North America:

Cancer Train

An organization opposed to the expansion of diesel train service on the Georgetown-Kitchener line in Toronto since it would negatively affect 300,000 people who live along the line. The group supports electrification:

Civics United for Railroad Environmental Solutions (CURES)

This coalition of 14 civic associations in New York City is dedicated to ensuring that increases in railroad traffic do not come at a cost of increased environmental problems:

Clean Train Coalition

The Clean Train Coalition is a grassroots organization with members from across the Greater Toronto Area who are calling for all new rail traffic along the Georgetown corridor to be electric. They are concerned about the many documented negative impacts of diesel trains:


A section of Crockett-Rodeo United to Defend the Environment’s (C.R.U.D.E.) website is dedicated to describing the dangers of shipping crude oil by rail:

Donner Summit Area Association

Association that represents the views of residents in this historic California mountain community:

East Yard Communities for Environmental Justice

Prepares southeast Los Angeles and Long Beach community members to engage in decision making processes that directly impact their health and quality of life:

Fighting Crude Oil-by-Rail in Baltimore

A section of Chesapeake Climate Action Network’s website is dedicated to describing the dangers of shipping oil by rail:

Fighting Goliath

This group has been battling to keep big oil companies like Imperial Oil Ltd. from trucking megaloads of tar sands and other processing modules along scenic byways in Idaho and Montana. (Imperial Oil Ltd. transports some of its petroleum products by rail, and stores its tank cars too close to homes and conservation areas):

Friends of Wild Salmon

A group of residents of British Columbia’s North Coast and Skeena watershed who work towards a common goal: the protection of wild salmon. Dangerous goods spills from rail cars into salmon-bearing rivers pose a significant danger:

I Am Against Rail Noise

A German association fighting rail noise that stems from heavy freight trains running through the historic Rhine River valley. The group is not against freight trains per se, but is against the excessive noise from old running stock with cast iron brakes:

Junction Triangle Rail Committee

Supports electrification of rail service as opposed to expansion of diesel train service by Metrolinx in west Toronto:

Le Carré Bleu Lac-Mégantic

A pacifist citizens’ movement calling for more transparency in the reconstruction of the city of Lac-Mégantic, Quebec following the July 6, 2013 oil train derailment, explosions and fires that killed 47 people and spilled 6 million litres of crude oil into the environment (water, soil, air):

Noise Vibration Action Group

An association of residents who live close to the Stirling-Alloa-Kincardine rail line in Scotland and are trying to get rail noise and vibration levels reduced:

Nous et les trains

An association of citizens concerned about noise and vibration related to CN’s activities in the Pointe-Saint-Charles community of Montreal:

Parry Sounds

A very helpful and easy-to-read blog by Jo Bossart about issues faced by the residents of Parry Sound, Ontario. An entire section of the website is dedicated to discussing interactions between the railway and Parry Sound residents:

People of Albany United for Safe Energy (PAUSE)

The mission of PAUSE is “To establish a moratorium on all oil shipments by rail until we can ascertain the safety of this material by rail.” The group is developing a website, and currently has a facebook site:

Plainfield (Illinois) Village Board

The Plainfield Village Board and Wilding Pointe Homeowner’s Association have been working together in an attempt to get a sound barrier built to mitigate noise associated with the coupling and uncoupling of Canadian National Railway (CN) cars. So far, it appears that CN is not willing to address the residents’ concerns:

Quayside Community Board

Another helpful website is that of this New Westminster, British Columbia association which has been attempting to reduce noise and operating hours of a local rail yard by working with the Canadian Transportation Agency and local rail companies:

Rail and Reason

Be sure to check out this great website which has excellent resources and help on dealing with noise and vibration concerns by people living next to railways. They also have links to other important associations and communities that are trying to mitigate train noise and vibration, environmental impacts, health impacts and emergency response times:

Railroaded by Metrolinx

This site expresses concerns about, and presents facts on, the Metrolinx Regional Transportation Plan and diesel rail corridor expansion in the Greater Toronto area:

Railroad Workers United

An organization that works to unite railroad workers from all the rail crafts in North America. To quote from their website, “…we have formed this inter-union, cross-craft, solidarity “caucus” of railroad workers from all crafts, all carriers, and all unions across North America.” The RWU works to strengthen the bargaining position of railroad workers and to enhance working conditions, including the safety of railroad workers and the public:

Residents Against Noisy Trains (RANT)

A website and blog for North Vancouver, British Columbia residents to share concerns and explore solutions to their community’s serious railway noise:

Safe Rail Communities (SRC)

The organization, centered in Toronto, is concerned about the alarming increase in the number of rail tank cars carrying crude oil and other hazardous materials in Canada. SRC advocates greater transparency and safeguards with respect to the transportation of crude oil and other hazardous goods by rail. SRC has submitted an Environmental Petition to the Auditor General of Canada, and a list of recommendations to the Canada Transportation Act Review Panel. A petition has also been developed, urging the federal government to get serious about addressing the safety of dangerous goods transport by rail.  This organization has done a tremendous amount of work in an effort to improve rail safety across Canada:

TRAC The Regional Answer to Canadian National

Canadian National Railway (CN) has not adequately dealt with safety, environmental, congestion, emergency response, and economic loss impacts of their take-over of a 198-mile rail line in Illinois and Indiana. A coalition of suburban communities (known as TRAC) have joined forces to make sure these issues are properly considered and addressed:

Train Town

Spences Bridge, British Columbia residents’ interviews about their experiences of living in a town with trains coming and going:

Voices Against Oil Trains

Watch this excellent YouTube video produced by Columbia Riverkeeper on the many dangers of transporting crude oil by rail:

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